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Saturday, January 28, 2012

I am posting on behalf of my mother. She hadn't posted for a while because she was battling cancer. It was a private battle shared only with her family and a small group of friends. On October 9,2011 she went to be with the Lord in her home surrounded by family.

Before mom passed away (during her chemo treatments) she was working on a Dresden plate quilt, she was able to finish it with the help of her friend Mary Lou. It was on her casket the day of her funeral and will remain a cherished quilt in our family.

We held a service and were able to line the walls of the reception hall with mom's quilts/afghans. I wrote who she made them for and described what life event was happening that she wanted to make it. It was such a privilege to honor her in this way.

I miss my mom everyday and looking through her blog reminds me of such fond memories with her. She accomplished so much as a mother, wife, grandma, quilter and woman of God. I know she loved sharing her projects here on the blog and I hope to pick up where she left. She taught me so much and I know my level of making hand made items is not nearly close to hers, but I'll share what I can. Sitting at the sewing machine, or just knotting thread to hand sew an item makes me feel so close to her. Like she's with me. I hope posting here will do the same, make me feel like she's with me.

A close friend posted this on her blog about my mom.

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Mary said...

You will always miss your Mom. Having her quilts will give you peace and HUGS! Prayers for your family. Thanks for letting us far away Blog friends know.