Today's Stitching

Friday, January 23, 2009

Mabel's Quilt

While browsing around Volunteer's of America last night my daughter found this treasure. It is a pink and white two block quilt, 30 x 50, hand quilted and appears to be handpieced. It is slightly faded and has a bit of fraying on the binding.....obviously well loved. It was marked $3.99! We turned it over and scribbled on the back in permanent black marker is "Mabel Goodworth"....'do not wash'.
It seems to have belonged to Mabel when she was in a nursing home and then donated to Volunteer's of America by family/friend/nurses....who saw little value in this worn, odd shaped quilt.
I fell in love with it immediately. It will have a place of honor from now on....I am sure Mabel would be pleased. I do not recognize the pattern....anyone know what it is called?