Today's Stitching

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Birthday quilt

^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^Here is the quilt I made for the foster grandbaby's first birthday. It is happy and sunny just like her!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Been Missing for Six Months---I'm Baaaack

Last posted in February and hope someone out there is wondering where I have

In December I was diagnosed with uterine/ceverical cancer. Just after my last post in Feb. I had major surgery.....followed by two more minor surgeries, blood transfusions, chemo treatments, etc.

Good news is....chemo is coming to an end and I am feeling much better. I even did some jelly making and canning of the past weekend and have been on the motorcycle!

I must tell you ladies.....priorities shift when an issue like this comes up. I have found QUILTING to be a blessing to my mental/spiritual well being. In the beginning I was only able to flip thru quilt books and magazines but then moved quickly to handpiecing and now I am working hard on quilt projects that I have put off in the past and a few new ones thrown in for good measure.

Here is a pic of my handpiecing project. I started this charm quilt last August during the Olympics...cutting hundred of pieces then hand pieced them during my illness. It is far from done but I am proud to say that I have 605 pieces joined...all different fabrics of course and many more hexagons in the works.

Glad to be back to quilting and now back on the blog.